Artistic Director reflects on hugely positive audience reaction to Amongst Men

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Ben Barnes, Four Fivers Theatre Artistic Director:

“Very strongly positive reaction to Amongst Men at the opening on Good Friday. The house was very engaged with the drama and the characters, and there was, throughout, that profound sense of engagement when you feel the audience collectively holding its breath and experiencing the story as a collective rather than as individuals. It’s what you are always striving for in theatre. And that’s down to the actors who took their performances to the next level and to the writer, Eoghan, who has given us words and a story both compelling and moving. I was pleased afterwards that the writers and theatre folk in the audience all said to me that they think Eoghan is the real deal and it would be great if he gets some attention and commissions out of this exposure. The post-show reception was lively and Elizabeth White (Arts Centre Director) and I made short speeches. Fionnula Flanagan attended with her agent, Lisa Cook, and it was great to see her there. I have not seen her since my Abbey days and that’s quite a while ago now. Oireachtas members, Verona Murphy and Paul Kehoe, were in attendance as well as the writers Jim Nolan and Billy Roche and many other friends and colleagues from around the town and further afield. A great night and we hope now for strong attendances for the remainder of our Wexford performances this week and then Waterford and Kilkenny next week.”

The cast with actor Fionnula Flanagan