A Handful Of Stars by Billy Roche

2024 marks the 35th anniversary of the first professional production of A Handful Of Stars, the first play in Billy Roche’s famous Wexford trilogy explores how thwarted ambitions can both destroy dreams and shape character in small town Ireland. It was described at the time by The Guardian as ‘one of the year’s great theatre events.’ Four Rivers, in partnership with Wexford Arts Centre, is delighted to have this opportunity to bring the play to stage.

Audiences and critics alike have given this new production the thumbs up as evidenced by its sell-out run. Jackie Hayden said ‘Roche’s characters are people we feel we know almost as well as he does … But underneath the normality rumble universal issues of greed, alienation, envy, struggle, disappointment, love found and misplaced, carried along on a tide of macho swaggering and swearing as the lads vie for supremacy in the snooker room and about town.’

Directed by Conall Morrison and designed by Liam Doona, with lighting by Paul Keogan and costumes by Jeni Roddy, A Handful Of Stars bears all the signs of being one of the theatrical highlights of the year

Pavilion, Dun Laoghaire, June 18|19|20|21|22 (nightly 8pm). Matinée (2.30pm) June 22. Book now, while you still can!

Upcoming Productions

Castel Gandolfo by Jim Nolan

Last November, a reading of Jim Nolan’s new play, Castel Gandolfo was held at the National Opera House. The work has gone through several drafts and the reading was held to identify any areas that need further tweaking ahead of the production of the play in 2024. Ben Barnes will direct with designs by Dermot Quinn (set), John Comiskey (lighting), Jeni Roddy (costume) and Jamie Beamish (sound). Both Jim Nolan and Ben Barnes were in attendance at the reading and the reading cast were – Anna Healy, Brian Doherty, Anthony Brophy, Catherine Walker and Elishka Lane. Rehearsals have begun and the play will take the stage at Garter Lane, Waterford later this year. Cast details will be announced shortly.