Thomas Moore at Bannow House


Four Rivers producer, Heather Hadrill, was engaged as director of ‘Thomas Moore at Bannow House’, an event recalling the visit by Moore to the house 188 years ago. The sold-out performance was staged in glorious sunshine on the portico of the house on Saturday last, August 26th. A selection of Moore’s melodies were sung by two young singers, Aimee Banks (soprano) and David Kennedy( baritone), with accompaniment by Rebecca Warren (piano) and James Warren (violin). The extracts from the diary of Tom Moore were performed by Nick Dunning and narration was by Andrew Macklin (Four Rivers, Happy Birthday Dear Alice). Michael Dunbar (Four Rivers, The Last Stand) made a fleeting appearance the balcony of the house as Daniel O’Connell. Other Four Rivers personnel involved in this event were Mark Redmond (construction), Frances White (costume) and myself (artistic director). This was an initiative of the Bannow Historical Society and Four Rivers was pleased to be able to collaborate with them to deliver a highly effective performance attended by 350 people. Such an event makes new connections and helps to grow the audience in the west of the county.
Ben Barnes