Artistic Director likes what he sees!


“Attended a run of Amongst Men. It’s always such a change from the first few days as the rehearsal room has that lived in feeling with props and furniture and the little nooks the actors have made their own for eating lunch or poring over lines when not needed on stage. The full creative team were also in and a very modern feature of the contemporary rehearsal room is serried banks of computers belonging to the designers and stage management lined up along tables end to end. I often think it must be quite intimidating for the actors but I suppose, in reality, they hardly notice them. The company is very engaged with the material and I’m impressed that a play of ideas is so compelling when subjected to character and narrative as it is in this piece.
It’s shaping up well although I had notes afterwards for the director, Deirdre and the writer, Eoghan. In parallel to the work there is a lot happening to alert the public that the performances are imminent. Eoghan Rua Finn appeared on Arena on RTE Radio 1 and I will do South East Radio tomorrow. We’ve had lots of press interest and there is a good visual presence for the production around the town. It’s always an exhilarating and busy time. I’m talking at Wexford library tonight (7 p.m.) about my life in theatre! It’s a Q and A and I hope to get quickly beyond the past and spend some time talking about Four Rivers and our mission to bring new and established work to audiences in the south east.”